There have been many movies about street racing and the ability to drive a car around corners at high speed.  This technique requires the driver to use the vehicle acceleration to keep it from spinning out.  For the novice, when we drive around a corner and find we are going too fast, we simply apply the brake.  The problem with this is that the weight of the vehicle is shifted to the front of the vehicle and lowering the amount of traction the rear tires.  A professional uses the acceleration to maintain the weight on the rear tires and holding traction.  As they go around the turn and they begin to lose traction, instead of panicking and hitting the brakes, they hit the accelerator.  This technique is called drifting.

This week I have done a different type of drifting.  I’m sorry to say that this week I dropped the ball.  As the weeks go by, life has a way of getting in the way.  Some days after working 12-16 hrs, I just don’t do the things I need to do.  I begin to drift from my desires and goals.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that when I begin to drift, I need to drift.  Let me explain.  When driving on an unsteady platform, like sand or ice, we often begin to drift off of our chosen path.  Fear often kicks in and we slam on the brakes.  This shifts the weight of the vehicle to the front and we spin out.  Drifting from our goals is just like drifting from our vehicle’s path. This week I panicked and hit the brakes.  I spun out and came to a full stop.  And just like when we drive, when we drift from our goals we don’t hit the brakes, we punch the accelerator!  This week I’m getting back into the car and I’m going to punch it.