Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  He went on to explain his famous quote, “If you’re good and your plan is working, somewhere during the duration of that, the outcome of that event you’re involved in, you’re going to get the wrath, the bad end of the stick. Let’s see how you deal with it. Normally people don’t deal with it that well.”  This week I feel like I got hit in the face.  I would love to tell you that I am gliding through this course like an eagle on a warm, summer day, but that would be a lie.  I’m sure many of you have felt it too.

Like Tyson’s statement, it all has to do with how you deal with it.  I have to overcome the double shifts and the mental exhaustion and just keep pushing on.  The resistance continues in the back of my mind, reminding me of how easy it would be to just quit.  But, like most of you, I have seen too much and come too far to stop now.  I’m here writing to you, whoever you are, and just reminding you that no matter how tall the mountain is you are climbing, there will always be the temptation to look down.  Sometimes, on that mountainside you’ll need to take a moment and catch your breath.  Do that.  Then, look up toward the summit and continue to climb.  I’ll see you at the top.