In the Master Keys this week it gives the “secret of success, one of the methods for organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master-Mind.  He thinks big thoughts”.  I took a long look at this one and saw how it would work in my thoughts and dreams.  You see, one of my PPNs  is True Health.  Health and fitness has been a struggle for my entire life.  If there has ever been a diet devised in the heart of man, I have tried it.  I have been on the Atkins Diet, the Paleo, Weight Watchers, HCG and have taken almost every kind of diet aid on the market.  Still, I have carried an extra 50 lbs with me most of those years.  Now Haanel writes that the power to change that fact is within me.  He suggests that the problem is not my thought or dreams, but that they are not big enough.  As I travel down the road on my Master Mind journey, I find that the methods are working in a remarkable, unpredictable way.  So why not.  Let’s take this journey one step further.

Here it goes.  Like many of you I am in a network marketing company and mine just happens to be in health and wellness.  Mine has a transformation challenge where they invite people to take photos of their before and after, then compete for prizes as to who had the most dynamic change.  The top prize is $25,000, but the company offers $200 just for completing the challenge.  Honestly, I have always signed up for the challenges just to get the $200 in product when I was done.  That has worked, but without motivation I have not seen much success.  I still carry the extra 50 lbs.  The Master Keys has given me courage to dream bigger and to think bigger.  If I align my thoughts to the Universal Thoughts, I can do amazing things.  I’m in a new challenge for 16 weeks.  I have invested in home equipment, supplements and programs, but this time I’m bringing my big thoughts.  I no longer just want to finish the challenge, I want, no, I am the Grand Champion.  I just finished my third week of daily gut-wrenching workouts.  I am sore most days and sometimes I think I’m going to die!  Each workout when I reach that moment when I usually quit, I look to the symbol (the red circle) and it renews me.  I find that I don’t want to quit-I can’t quit.  My mind no longer allows the thought to quit.

I am well on my way to the Champions Circle.  I will win.  I am the Grand Champion.   When I win, it will mark the beginning of a larger more amazing challenge.  The size of that dream is only limited by my imagination.