As I was reading the Scroll VI, I noticed the phrase, “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions…” I must admit that I was confused.  Isn’t this contrary to the Master Keys?  We were taught from the beginning that everything starts with a thought, powered with emotions that lead to actions.  It was then that I recalled a story an old friend told me.  He was pretty old when I was just a teen.  He had been married for decades and somehow we got onto the subject of how he could stay in love for so long.  I was old enough to understand that when I got a new pet or a new toy, eventually the newness would wear off and it would not seem so desirable any longer. Having never been married, it seemed that the novelty of marriage would also wear off soon as well.  The old man, John, simply explained that he did not follow his feelings because they were unreliable.  He showed me his secret calendar where he would write down his plan of action to maintain his marriage.  Buy flowers one day, write a note another day and take her to dinner on yet another.  Although there were times when he didn’t feel like doing those things, he did them anyway.  After he did each of those kind and loving actions for his wife, often those feelings of love for her quickly followed.

I think that is what Mandino is talking about in this scroll.  The weak man follows his feelings and emotions and allows his actions to wane.  It is my friends plan, but in reverse.  When I don’t have those feelings of love, I don’t act on them.  And, of course, when I don’t act on them nothing wonderful happens and my feelings of love diminish even further until they no longer exist.  I imagine that is where most people would say they fell out of love.  Then comes heartache, misery and divorce.  Those people who follow their feelings are what the Bible calls “double-minded”.

James 1:8 New International Version (NIV)

Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

When we allow our feelings and emotions to dictate our actions, our life can become unstable in all aspects.  I think I would rather master the thoughts and feelings and guide them where I want to go.  When John died, his wife found love notes and small gifts he had planted in their home before he left.  His actions carried his love and affection to her even after he died.