I breakfast with my 18 month old grandson today.  It seems like only yesterday he was much smaller.  For that matter, it seems like only yesterday his father was sitting in a high chair smiling ear-to-ear eating bacon (all right, who doesn’t smile when they eat bacon?).  As they grow older it seems impossible to see the progress as they change.  He went from not being able to hold his head up to running around, making faces and laughing.  His father before him went from a small boy who liked to wrestle on the floor to being a high-speed military operator He doesn’t speak yet, but I know that will begin without anyone noticing and we will all be bombarded with the typical question all young children ask-why?  Why? Why? Why? Jack1

This week we were asked to take the self-assessment test for the second time.  This time I had a much better score in the fact I am on my way to achieving my desires and goals.  How did that happen?  I don’t recall having any movement in my thinking.  I don’t remember any amazing “Ah Ha” moments that changed my perspective.  What happened?

For me the greatest change has been physical.  One of goals was to get into shape.  Not an easy task for one in their mid-50s.  The challenge, although manifests itself on the outside, was really in my mind.  For most of my life I have been a bit thick, but have always wanted to lean out and lose weight.  I have had good intentions and have started more diets and fitness programs than I can count.  Once I began, it wasn’t long before I had an excuse to quit.  “I’m sore, I’m tired, I don’t have time, this isn’t working, I quit.”  Sound familiar?  Somehow through the progress that was unseen, my mind has changed.   Every day I go to the garage and push the weights.  My friend calls it, “Paying the rent”.  It’s a hard program and I am finishing my 7th week.  Today, I noticed that didn’t feel like working out and started to think of some excuse to validate my decision.  Without thinking about it, I got my supplements on-board and was paying the rent before I knew what was happening.  I said all of this to say that the imperceptible progress has happened through this course without me even knowing it.  How about that?