December 3, 2018

If you have been to Gilbert, Arizona, the International Headquarters of Isagenix, you’ve heard of Randy Sink.  I was able to get a few moment of his time when we came to the headquarters this week.  If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years then you may not have heard of him, but being one of the top Isagenix earners in the world, getting this interview was no easy task.  Isagenix has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world and their new international headquarters clearly exemplifies that fact.  I sit in the modern entrance next to the fountain that has a Harley Davidson motorcycle on a small stand so it appears that the motorcycle is resting on the surface of the water.  I can hear a rumble in the distance, faint at first. Then it becomes louder and louder until I can feel the vibration in my feet.  I see Randy approaching on his loud Indian motorcycle and he drives up to the front of the building like he owns the joint.  He turns off the motorcycle and I only realize how loud it was because the new silence is deafening.  As he gets off of the bike, his lean silhouette belies exactly how old he is, but the silver streaks in his beard threaten to release the secret. Randy is smiling and friendly as he stretches out his hand for a firm handshake.  We start with a bit of small talk as we start to walk around the large entrance of the corporate office.  He suggests we start with a quick tour of the building so I can get an taste of the corporate culture at Isagenix.  As we walk through the building we are greeted by happy faces that all seem to know Randy and are glad to have an opportunity just to say hello.  We end up in a conference room surrounded by windows that overlook the Arizona desert.


We started with Randy growing up in the Midwest in a small town in Ohio.  He was raised in an oppressively religious home that believed that being too rich was a sin and that it was to be avoided at all costs.  He didn’t need to worry about it though, according to his mother he wouldn’t amount to much anyway.  He ended up in the U.S. Air Force to realize a childhood dream of being a policeman.  He took it one step further and became a K-9 cop for the next four years.  When he was discharged, his desire to continue in his chosen profession led him to Arizona where he served his community for the next 30 years.  Just prior to his retirement, Randy and his wife, Elizabeth were introduced to Isagenix.  Not only did it make them feel fantastic, help them lose weight and increase their health, it provided an opportunity to develop wealth.


“Many people who get into network marketing believe it is a golden ticket to making all their dreams come true.  It can be that, but usually not right away.  Once people realize it’s a great deal of work, most of them quit”, he told me.  I asked him if he had what many believe is immediate success and he laughed loudly.  “Far from it!  We had very little success in the beginning and thought of quitting many times.  We struggled for quite a bit of time and Isagenix wasn’t even our first company.  I think that is common in MLMs.   I asked him what made the difference and allowed him to go from living paycheck to paycheck and get into the big league.  “I was struggling just like everyone else until I learned to change my mind.  I had to get the garbage out of my mind and replace it with ideas that steered me toward the life I wanted”.   “How do you do that?”, now I wanted to know the secrets.  “It’s just a matter of deciding what you want for your life and create the focus until you get there”.  Ok, now I was confused.  I started to think he was being evasive so he could keep all of those hard-won secrets to himself.

I asked him if he could explain a bit more.  He sat back in his chair, took a deep breath and started speaking slowly.  “When we are born and when we are small we have a mental blueprint.  This blueprint has a lot to do with our environment at this time in our lives, what our parents say and do to us, where we live, all those things.  It creates an imprint on our minds and our actions are a direct result of that blueprint.  As we get older, we accept what others say about us and it imprints on our mind.  As we get to high school we have accepted the information and the blueprint has become to get set.  For instance, if everyone tells you that you’re not intelligent, chances are you won’t get good grades.  That follows for athletic, mechanic, art and music.”  I asked him if that was something most people grow out of.  “No, actually it gets worse.  If the blueprint is set as a young adult, it has already begun to affect your actions.  And not for the better”.

Ok, now I’m worried, am I stuck too?  I came here to interview this guy and now I may be finding out that my entire life is FUBAR.  If this is true, I have a blueprint and it may be keeping me from being the person I was meant to be.

“So once the blueprint is set, is it set for life?  Is there anything that can be done to change it?”  The look on Randy’s face was clear that he had frightened me, well, just a little bit.  He looked at me and smiled a small, knowing smile.  “Thank God, no.  It isn’t set for life.  Once you know what you want you are well on your way to finding it”.    I couldn’t take my eyes off Randy and I waited for more information.  “Each small habit that has lead you where you didn’t want to go has to be changed.  Step by step, habit by habit we can change the blueprint and once the blueprint is changed, your actions and your future will change.”

I wonder if this is just some crazy idea that helps him succeed, sort of like those who follow Scientology and claim it has brought them success.  While I’m trying to make sense of all this, Randy tells me our time is up and he must go.  We shake hands and while he is still grasping my hand he tells me to call him for more information on a personal basis.

He steps out the large glass door and mounts his motorcycle.  With a loud roar and a small chirp of the tires he was gone.  I stood there for a few moments trying to understand exactly what just happened.  I’m not sure if it is something I could use for my life, but I am sure I’ll be giving him a call.